Eco-Preneur Projekt – Programm für lebenslanges Lernen

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This is a Leonardo Da Vinci Partnership Project financed by the National Agency for Lifelong Learning. It started 2013 and finished in the summer months of 2015. Participating nations were The Netherlands, Portugal, Norway, Austria and Switzerland.

The aim of this partnership was the creation of a training path for rural entrepreneurs (the primary aim – the creation of a curriculum, was transferred in the first year of the partnership after a market analysis had showed that a flexible training path better fulfils the needs of the target groups).

To achieve this goal a cooperative work-style had been chosen, in which every partner contributed certain elements that finally build up the training path.

The training path offers farmers and other rural entrepreneurs possibilities of being trained in “Eco-Preneurship”, which enables them to design, develop, implement, manage and/or innovate concepts of multifunctional agriculture like social farming and other Green Care interventions.

The partnership focused on 3 quality-aspects within the training path:

  • “User approach”: its content are based on knowledge and competences that have proven most essential in already existing enterprises of this sector;
  • “Relation based experiential learning” method to speak to the initiative- and will-forces of the learners;
  • “Modular set-up”: the training path has to fit in different existing courses and function as both improvement by modification and innovation by re-development.

The aim of the project was mainly to evaluate, adjust and assemble single elements that lead to the main-objective: a modular training path “Eco-Preneurship” which is thoroughly implemented in different European countries to complete existing vocational training options.

Here you can  download one of our main results of the project – our Final Report “Training Path Eco-Preneur”, which summarizes the activities and results of the whole project:

Download Final Report “Training Path Eco-Preneur”.


Here you can find vidoes to give you some impressions about our mobility meetings (made by Susanne Käfer):

Aurland, Norway, June 2014:

Coimbra, Portugal, October 2014:

Wädenswil, Switzerland, February 2015:

Bergen, Netherlands, March 2015:

Bergen, Netherlands, May 2015, FINAL MEETING: